What is a Direct Payment?

The Direct Payments scheme gives users money directly to pay for their own care, rather than the traditional route of a Local Authority providing care for them.

Social Services have a legal duty to offer and arrange Direct Payments to anyone who is eligible for social care and who meet the Direct Payment assessment criteria.

Direct Payments are seen as making an important contribution to the independence, wellbeing and quality of life of disabled and older people. It can be used to purchase any service or services that meet the person’s assessed care needs.

Our Payroll Service

What is the Payroll Service?

If you employ your own employees (e.g. personal assistants), you will have to account for tax and national insurance on your employees wages. You will be required to give your employee a record of the payments you make to them and the deductions from those payments.

For employers who do not want to manage the financial side of this role, we have a dedicated payroll team to help you manage paying your personal assistants and to ensure that you comply with the Government’s financial requirements.

This service is managed on a 4 weekly or monthly basis, which means that if you decide to take this service up, your personal assistants will be paid every 4 weeks or monthly.

How does the service work? 

  • We register you as an employer with HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE purposes.
  • We communicate with HM Revenue and Customs on your behalf and deal with correspondence.
  • We calculate your employee hours every weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly basis from the information that you supply.
  • We automatically produce payslips if your personal assistants always work the same hours.
  • We provide clear instructions on what forms you need from new employees
  • We prepare P45s when employees leave
  • We advise on payroll related issues, such as holiday pay
  • We assist with auto-enrolment in line with the pensions regulation, including enrolling on a pensions scheme and making deductions from pay. .

How do I send my employee hours to you?

We will provide you with a timesheet template on which you can record the hours that your employee works for you.

We will also let you know when you need to get this information to us so that we can make sure that your employee is paid every 4 weeks. Hours can be notified to us each time either by phone, email, posting timesheet or sending them by fax.

We will make sure that you have all the relevant contact details for this service if you wish to go ahead and if you ever forget, all our contact details can be found on our website.

How long does it take to get started?

From the time that Rehovot Services Ltd receives your signed forms, it normally only takes around 2 weeks to set up this service for you.


How do you send my payslips to me?

We usually send payslips out by email, but on request we can send by post to you.

What do I need to do to receive this service?

You can contact the payroll team or ask for an adviser to set the service up for you. The payroll team will send out a contract for you to sign along with the relevant HM Revenue and Customs forms that you will need to sign


What do I do next?

 If you would like more information about this service, would like to discuss it in more detail, or would like to receive this service, you can contact us in a number of ways…

If you are interested in using our Payroll Service, or have any questions, please call us on 02081945675 or email payroll@rehovotservices.com or contact us via our Contact Form

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