About US

REHOVOT SERVICES LIMITED is an organisation that supports vulnerable children, young people and adults who are at risk of social exclusion. We help transform lives through our residential and therapeutic services by taking a holistic approach and having a focus on the core values of being non-judgmental, providing care and empathy. We accept each person as a unique individual and work with them so they can feel safe, secure and inspired to lead fulfilling lives.

We believe that in order to offer an outstanding service, the needs of the individual must lie at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to prevent people from becoming socially excluded and to reintegrate those that have by undertaking research into best practice and, based on this, developing programmes, services and centers to achieve this.

Our principles are based on:

  1. ~ Quality of care.
  2. ~ Openness and transparency.
  3. ~ Involvement of children and young people in the design and delivery of services.
  4. ~ Participation of children and young people in decisions which affect them individually and collectively.
  5. ~ Networking, multi-agency collaboration and benchmarking best practices.
  6. ~ Raising public awareness, research and international co-operation.

Aims & Objectives

At REHOVOT our objective is always to provide the best possible care and support for those we work with. To enable us to achieve the highest standards possible we will:

  • - Provide a house which young people can be proud of and feel able to invite family and friends too.
  • - Work alongside colleagues and other agencies to build strong relationships with young people and their families.
  • - Provide an environment in which young people can be encouraged to develop physically, psychologically, intellectually and socially.
  • - When appropriate, offer specialized support and counseling from experienced staff who will encourage and enable young people to achieve and move into independent living.
  • - External resources will be made available to young people as deemed necessary by their individual pathway plans.
  • - Provide a safe environment where young people can reflect on their experiences, stabilize their behavior, regain control and find coping mechanisms. Provide the maximum opportunity for each young person to mature as an individual, to develop their personal identity and accept responsibility for their own actions.
  • - Promote the independence of young people at all times and encourage them to care for themselves by offering a high-level of emotional support and practical help in health and educational/employment issues, cooking, budgeting and household tasks.
  • - Provide a supportive environment for young people in which, with guidance, they can assess themselves realistically and determine their own options.
  • - Preserve and support the young person’s links with their own community by working in partnership with the young people, their parents, other carers and those with parental responsibility.
  • - Involve young people in decision making.
  • - Ensure that all staff receives ongoing training, support and guidance to enable them to support the young people to the best of their ability.
  • - Ensure non-discriminatory practices in accordance with our Equal opportunities policy.

We will deliver the above aims and objectives in a non-judgmental, non-punitive way engendering an ethos of care and mutual respect, aiming to encourage young people to become well balanced, positive and productive members of our society whilst working towards independence.